Free Cryptocurrency!

Yes, our Founder David wrote his own Coin a few years ago as a learning exercise.

You can read more about the coin and the mission HERE

Yes, we will send you some for free! We give it away because adoption of the coin is good for us too. Thanks for your interest!

Click this PDF for step by step instructions on how to get some FREE

2GIVE instructions March 2018








  1. Navigate to: info









  1. Click Download






  1. Select the wallet type for your system, ie. Windows Wallet







  1. Notice the Zip file and open the File called: 2GiveCoincoin-qt






Note: You can find it under your Downloads folder too.









  1. Double Click the file to open, this part should go quickly.




  1. Congrats! Mission accomplished – you have the 2Give Wallet installed on your device!








  1. On the menu bar, click: Receive







  1. This displays your PUBLIC address, you can share this address with anyone to RECEIVE coin. Right Click to copy the address





  1. Open your email program such as Gmail or Outlook, and create an email to send your new 2GIVE wallet address to [email protected]




*** Here is some sample wording*** send to [email protected] ***


Hi David,

I’ve downloaded the 2GIVE wallet for my device! My Address is: __________________________

I learned about 2GIVE from _______.

Can you send me some coin to get started?

Please add me to your Blockchain mailing list!



-(Your name & contact info)







  1. You may notice a status bar at the bottom for “synchronizing with the network” – this is normal!






  1. A new wallet or one that has not been opened in a while may take a while to synch. Up to 45 minutes is normal. Your wallet is essentially going to a debutante ball – give it a bit to get ready to dance ?






  1. Success! Visit the Dashboard to view that you have received 2GIVE into your new wallet!




  1. To spend or send 2Give, you select Give  then enter a valid 2Give address and an amount. Note this amount is the NUMBER of 2GIVE coins and not US Dollars.





  1. If you wish to learn more about exchanges go to com



  1. The coin 2Give is traded on which means you can exchange 2Give for other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Note: Bitcoin can be exchanged for US Dollars through some sites like although Coinbase does not exchange many coins.