Blockchain Education

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Yes, we offer Individual and Corporate training packages… But first a word of caution!

We are NOT Certified Financial Professionals: We DO NOT act as certified financial planners, certified public accountants, securities lawyers, broker dealers, or other similar professionals. When you hire these professionals they have a legal responsibility to act on behalf of your best interest. If they fail this fiduciary responsibility, you have avenues for recourse due to significant government oversight.

This oversight is NOT mature yet in the Cryptocurrency space: Therefore, for every level of participation “the buyer must beware”. Scams and Ponzi schemes are depressingly common, and even profitable ventures can hide wildly harmful and illegal activities. Our educational goal is to provide training so that individuals can avoid overt scams and use personal discretion for analysis of cryptocurrency.

Services Offered:

  • Blockchain Education and Strategy
  • Training on Cryptocurrency Investment Analysis
  • Regulatory Expertise/ Best Practices


Consultants Rate   Hours Total
Team Rate: Software Founder & Trainer Team $300 /hour 6 $1,800

Terms: First half of the fees are due to reserve date, remaining balance due on delivery.